“Salty dough”

Home made salty dough


  • One quantity of salt
  • One quantity of water
  • Two quantities of flour

If you want to paint it, leave is as it is.

Otherwise you can add some “staining”: Colored chalks or natural staining (saffron, paprika, red beetroot, red cabbage (+ baking soda for blue), cacao, …).

Preparation (2 min):

Mix all ingredients together and knead it well. It should not be too sticky. If so, add some more flour.

If you used uncolored dough, you can easily paint it (after cooking) with water based paint.

You can either let it dry at room temperature, or bake it in the oven (about 1h at 100°) depending on the thickness. If necessary, bake the back side for 10 min too.

Have fun!

Painted salty dough (art from a 3 and 4,5 years old)