Sweat walnuts spread

Home made sweet walnut spread bread (and terra cota made by one of my daugther)

This is my favorite and so easy and quick to make!! (yes… I’m very sweet… I mean, I like sweat very much!). My daughters call it the “speculaas pasta”.


  • EDIT: 200 gr yogurt as I make it myself and avoid packaging 😉 (quark (NL: Kwark or verse kaas; FR: fromage blanc, fromage frais))
  • 2 to 3 table spoon walnut paste (mix about 3 handful walnuts). You can also use hazelnuts, but I don’t like it as much.
  • 5-6 dates (NL: dadels) or you can try with other sweet dried fruits. I’ve tried with figs (not so good) and with dried apricots (also very tasty! And more eco-friendly for European countries as they can be grown in Europe!).
  • 1 small tea spoon liquid honey


If you don’t have walnut paste, then shred (e.g. food processor) the walnuts so small that it gets sticky (that is what i do). Add the dried fruits in small pieces and shred it together. Add the quark and the honey. Done!

Source: the excellent cooking book from an association promoting ecology (VELT). For the dutch-speaker, really a must in your kitchen!